George Zampetti

Technical Fellow

George Zampetti is a Technical Fellow for Microsemi Frequency and Time Division responsible for technical leadership in innovative clock platforms, new primary reference clock designs and new timing protocols. He holds multiple patents in the arena of synchronization technology and is a frequent conference speaker. Mr. Zampetti joined Symmetricom (recently acquired by Microsemi) in 1991 as director of synchronization technology. Prior to Symmetricom, Mr. Zampetti worked for AT&T Bell Laboratories in synchronization research. He also served an active role in synchronization standards, both in a leadership role in ANSI T1X1.3 and as a contributor to ITU standards, and cable timing standards where he initiated and led the development of the ultra high precision DOCSIS Timing Interface. Mr. Zampetti holds a MSEE from Georgia Institute of Technology, and a BSEE from Villanova University.