Workshop on Synchronization and Timing Systems

Steaming Toward the Future of Resilient Timing

North America’s Premier
Timing & Sync Event

ATIS’ Workshop on Synchronization and Timing Systems (WSTS) brings together the leading corporate and government experts to shed light on the diverse and exciting innovation taking place in the field of synchronization and timing. The event goes in-depth with insight from the field’s leading experts on evolving sync requirements, their rollout, and the impact of new sync systems and standards on industries and equipment manufacturers. Companies developing the leading timing and sync solutions are also present, giving attendees the opportunity to ask questions of both vendors and presenters.

session tracks


Data Centers, Distributed Computing & Hybrid Clouds

Timing Measurement & Metrology

Security, Resilience

Alternate PNT Including Activities in Space

Experience from the Field

Time & Frequency Sources & Synchronization


Showcase Your Brand to the Leading Timing & Sync Experts

WSTS is an ideal venue for your company to increase its exposure in the synchronization community.
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