Time & Frequency Sources & Synchronization

With more applications requiring coordination, cooperation, communication, and collaboration, it is essential they have a level of synchronization with one another; be it time or frequency based. The type and accuracy of synchronization required will vary driven by the needs of the application. Currently, many industries face dramatic infrastructure changes to deliver the current and futures functionality demanded by their industry, including how they will deploy time and frequency sources, along with backup, and how to provide these time synchronization technologies across RAN, transport, core, and cloud platforms.

Talks and Posters are invited that discuss sources of time and/or frequency and look at synchronization techniques that can be used in delivering precise, accurate, and traceable (where necessary) Time. Talks or posters should address recent development of all timing sources and synchronization techniques especially in relation to the increasing need for secure timing; including but not limited to innovations, technological advancements, and other topics.