Precise Timing in the Power Grid

Power systems and electrical substations use synchronized clocks for a variety of monitoring, protection, and control applications. 

WSTS invites authors to present on concerns, requirements, and efforts to improve the resilience and assurance of the methods and networks used to transfer time between clocks. These inputs would be particularly valuable to help the timing community collaboratively develop protocols to mitigate risks through architecture improvements, device testing, system validation, and online monitoring. 

See below for a non-exhaustive list of potential interest areas:

  • Experiences with fault tolerant or failover deployments of PTP
  • Assurance challenges associated with wide area time transfer including for synchrometrology and SCADA
  • Performance and architecture concerns related to time distribution for emerging sub-microsecond applications such as traveling wave-based fault localization, differential protection in high IBR environments, etc.
  • Operational controls for assurance including validation, authentication and monitoring of time servers and reference clocks
  • Resilience strategies for systems dependent of GNSS and/or LEO provided time
  • Broad scope cybersecurity, administrative and policy efforts to improve the resilience of the timing infrastructure