2022 Tutorial

Since it was first held, the WSTS tutorial has been a highly anticipated part of the conference. Valued for its insight into synchronization and timing fundamentals, the event will be held on Monday, May 9th from 1:00-5:00 pm. The tutorial provides:

  • A refresher course in the principles of synchronization and timing
  • A basic introduction to the material covered in the main workshop
  • Critical information on the wide variety of industry verticals in which knowledge of synchronization and timing is growing in importance

2022 WSTS Tutorial Agenda

Session Title Presenter
Introduction to Tutorial Session Kishan Shenoi
Fundamentals of Timing and Synchronization Kishan Shenoi
Atomic Clocks and Primary Frequency Sources Marc Weiss
Oscillators Ullas Kumar
GNSS as a Primary Time Source Marc Weiss
Synchronized Clocks Greg Armstrong
Clock Metrics Kishan Shenoi
ITU-T SG15/Q13 Stefano Ruffini
Presented by Silvana Rodrigues
Distribution of Timing Over the Physical Layer of Networks Silvana Rodrigues
Distribution of Timing Over the Packet Layer of Networks Stefano Ruffini
Presented by Silvana Rodrigues
Testing Packet Time and Frequency Lee Cosart
Sync in Telecom and Mobile Networks Kishan Shenoi
ORAN Fundamentals Greg Armstrong
PTP in Broadcast and Finance Industries (and associated profiles) Doug Arnold
PTP in the Power Industry Werner Abt