Utilizing a Rule-Based Algorithm for Timing Anomaly Detection

Wednesday | 4:25 - 4:45 pm

Spoofing timing systems is a well-known vulnerability that endangers critical infrastructure, transportation systems and energy systems among others.

Up to now, the only known viable method to detect and prevent spoofing of timing systems was entirely dependent on additional hardware and modification of existing timing system and/or GNSS receiver.

Regulus Cyber conducted a research and discovered several key parameters, that enable anti-spoofing solutions without requiring any hardware or modification to existing GNSS setup.

The software Library features a rule-based algorithm (patent pending) that uses anomaly detection (patent pending) of various parameters available in most modern GNSS receivers. Among these parameters are the raw measurements, clock information, navigation message, RF parameters (AGC, IQ imbalance, SNR), DOP, position and time.
The talk would cover both the 'hacker' and the 'defender' point of views, and discuss common methods that are used today to protect timing systems and different attack vectors that surpass them.
The talk would also offer best practices with effective solutions on designing more robust and resilient timing systems across multiple sectors.
The presentation will include footage of experiments and research that has taken place in Regulus regarding GNSS spoofing.