Time for Multiband GNSS

Thursday | 10:10 - 10:30 am

Until recently multi-band GNSS (L1/L2/…) has been limited to military, high precision and high-cost applications. With multi-band GNSS capability becoming mainstream and available at cost points approaching L1 devices: it can address not only for ePRTC, but also for PRTCs and even IOT applications.

In this presentation we look at new opportunities multi-band GNSS developments brings to timing applications – including:
  • Security, enhancements with both encrypted and non-encrypted services (resiliency against jamming, and spoofing)
  • Accuracy improvement of L2 and L5 in the same receiver against an L1 receiver using Ionosphere compensation data
  • Application of multi-band GNSS to indoor and deep-urban canyon applications (stronger signal, wider bandwidth; longer codes; lower frequency)
Finally, we present results on multiband in different PRTC and IOT applications.