IEEE1588 High Accuracy Profile: The White Rabbit Approach

White Rabbit protocol is an extension of the current IEEE 1588-2008 network synchronization protocol. In fact, the soon to be released IEEE 1588 revision includes the High Accuracy Default Precision Time Protocol Profile which is intensively based on the White Rabbit approach.

Due to the increasing requirements for time synchronization in different sectors such as science, finance or telecom, White Rabbit is being adopted for time synchronization in multiple applications. WR is considered an emergent trend for finance applications in the last update of the Report on Time & Synchronization User Needs and Requirements released by the European GNSS Agency.  WR is under evaluation by the United States Department of Transportation as a Global Positioning System (GPS) backup and several telecom companies such as Deutsche Telekom or Orange have presented preliminary results.

This poster will present a review of the synchronization mechanisms that have been included on the new High Accuracy profile and different use cases of the pre-standard White Rabbit technology in finance, telecom or as PNT technology.