GNSS Reliability Improvement Initiatives

"GNSS reliability improvement initiatives" is to be explained in this poster demonstrating case studies and field results.

In general awareness of damage caused by spoofing attack has been increasing. Meanwhile methodology to prevent a GNSS timing receiver from being affected by spoofing attack has been discussed from many different aspects as well. FURUNO shows how a GNSS timing receiver will behave when the receiver is spoofing-attacked. Then FURUNO will focus on actual effect that can be achieved by anti-spoofing algorithm within the GNSS receiver.  Experimental result is shared to give further considerations on that.

GNSS jamming is featured as well in this poster. There are wide range of jamming attack from jamming due to noise generated by devices inside the equipment's to jamming where a malicious person broadcasts using a jammer. The former one can often be resolved relatively early because the designer is aware of the countermeasures.