Submit your proposal to present at the industry’s
premier timing and sync event.*
Deadline; November 18

While the exact dates for WSTS 2021 will be available shortly, to design a high-quality event, it is imperative that we develop the agenda now.  Your concepts for presentations are key to the success of WSTS. The Call for Talks and Posters remains open, even though the final event format is being finalized.  All previously submitted talks and posters do not need to be resubmitted. We will keep you informed of event format changes.

For 30 years, the Workshop on Synchronization and Timing Systems (WSTS) has brought together leading experts to discuss the latest timing and synchronization topics. Over this period, time synchronization has evolved from a niche application to an underpinning technology across Power, Telecommunication, Finance and many other industries and applications.

WSTS has tracked and progressed the evolution of precision timing over these decades. The event has allowed experts to meet and offers the opportunity to explore cross-industry innovation, as an array of timing technologies becomes increasingly essential to many sectors.

Proposals are being requested for talks of interest to a large portion of our audience. Note that for talks, questions will not follow immediately, but be held for a few talks then addressed in a forum of several speakers combined.

We also request proposals for posters when it is desirable for more interaction among a smaller audience with the poster presenter.

Presenting at this event positions your ideas in front of the top professionals in the timing and sync community. Please submit your abstract by Wednesday, November 18 to have your concepts considered.



Format and Topics

As you submit an abstract, you will find that we are inviting two different formats: Talks and Posters. For both formats, topics are suggested that discuss the need for timing, methods of delivering timing, experience from the field, or methods of measurement and validation. Other topics are welcome that discuss the latest timing and synchronization topics.

All Talks to the Workshop should address the interests of a significant portion of the audience. These presentations are generally 20 minutes long with questions taken afterward for a group of talks.

We also welcome as Posters, expert talks that address a small, but important audience. Presentations work well in the poster format when the audience consists of interested persons and there is more opportunity for the author to interact with deeper insight. There will be a specific time devoted for the attendees to visit the posters, when they can interact with the author. Poster authors can generally install their poster and leave it up for a longer period. If there is contact information, people can read the poster and contact the author outside of the dedicated poster period.

All Presentations, whether talk or poster, are subject matter and/or technology-oriented, not focusing on product/vendor-specific implementation. Guidance is provided below under Content Guidelines. Presenters will be notified by November 16, 2020 if their Talk or Poster has been accepted. Final versions are due February 22, 2021, to allow members of the Steering Committee to review the presentation. Reviews of presentations are mandatory to improve the quality of individual talks, help talks complement each other, allow the session chairs to provide guidance on appropriate company-specific information and thus generally enable the excellence of WSTS.

For submitting a Talk or Poster abstract, you will find that we seek either those that are relevant to a specific sector or technology area, and those that are sector-independent.

Sector-related talks must choose:

For sector independent talks choose:

Content Guidelines

WSTS is an “industry-neutral” Workshop. It exists to inform the audience on the latest timing and synchronization issues, addressing evolving sync requirements, the roll-out of new sync systems and standards and their impact on industries and equipment manufacturers. Approaching 30 years producing this event, the WSTS Steering Committee has observed that the event’s audience is more likely to be impressed by technology content than sales pitches. Our record of impartiality contributes to WSTS’ reputation as the premier timing and sync event. To maintain this reputation, we request that your company respect the following presenters’ guidelines:

  • Talks or posters should focus on problems, solutions and technologies, not touting specific company products. All talks or posters must be free of product marketing language. The best way for your company to present itself as a thought leader is to deliver a technically strong and compelling paper that demonstrates your company’s solid technical grounding in addressing an issue of relevance. Talks should address solutions at a generic level, rather than focusing on your company’s specific product.
  • The conclusion can, however, identify a specific solution. While “About Us” corporate overview slides are not allowed, one or two mentions of a specific solution per talk or poster are acceptable. This is especially effective in the closing slide after a problem has been addressed thoroughly. An acceptable final slide may include: your company logo and tagline, products without giving model numbers or names or pricing, a URL for more information, and appropriate contact information. Examples of questionable content include a list of products or model numbers, product pricing information, or images with clearly visible product names and logos.
  • How to Get Your Product(s) Explicitly in Front of the Audience. WSTS has booths available for exhibitors to present corporate marketing messaging and products. Exhibitors are allocated a five-minute slot to present products to the full audience in attendance.
  • Help is available. In general, session chairs will work directly with authors to clarify any questions. They use their judgment to address inappropriate content.

Thank you for complying with these guidelines to help WSTS retain its reputation as the premier timing and synchronization event.