Victor Yodaiken


Victor Yodaiken is CEO and co-founder of FSMLabs, the developer of TimeKeeper software and hardware time synchronization technology for financial trading markets. FSMLabs began life in 1999 as a developer of the RTLinux real-time operating system used to control jet engine tests stands, robots, mobile phones, and software radios among other products. RTLinux was sold to WindRiver Systems in 2007 and FSMLabs then entered the financial technology and larger enterprise markets. Prior to founding FSMLabs,Yodaiken worked in academia and as an industry consultant. He was a professor of Computer Science at New Mexico Tech, a Research Professor and Post-Doc at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst), a visiting lecturer at Beijing Aerospace University, a consultant on storage systems and financial software projects and a principal engineer of a fault-tolerant system startup (Auragen). He is named on five issued US Patents.