Vahid Madani, Ph.D.

Executive Engineer
GridTology, LLC

Vahid Madani, Ph.D., PE, Fellow IEEE – is the Executive Engineer at GridTology, LLC., an international advising corporation and training institution in advanced power systems applications, grid modernization, and deployment of emerging technology in generation, transmission, and distribution. Madani’s experience spans across system planning, operation, protection and control engineering at Pacific Gas and Electric Co. (PG&E). Vahid has held many leadership and technical positions in emerging technologies from exploration to deployment. His collaborations with NIST applied engineering metrology group in testing of synchrophasor systems has led to many national and international wide-area monitoring and control system deployment. Dr. Madani has held many technical, leadership, and advisory roles including Chair of Regional Reliability at the Western Electricity, and as advisor to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) on wide-area systems and on portfolio of energy programs with recent focus on synchronizing renewables for integrated grid. Dr. Madani is a Fellow of IEEE and IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, adjunct faculty in accredited US and abroad universities, a Board Certified practicing Electrical Engineer in California, and holds US and International patents.