Steven Wilkinson

Principal Engineering Fellow of the SAS Technical Staff in Engineering

Dr. Steven Wilkinson is a Principal Engineering Fellow on the SAS Technical Staff in Engineering Headquarters who has worked primarily on development programs. He is the Raytheon subject matter expert for Precision Time and Frequency Metrology. He and his team have developed methods and technologies addressing critical time and frequency capabilities that is important to Raytheon customers. System Engineering studies have focused on integrating precision time and frequency capabilities into military applications that leverage developments efforts from other organizations. Prior to joining the company in 1997, he was a post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Texas Austin working under Dr. Mark Raizen on experimental atomic physics that explored fundamental quantum physics and nonlinear dynamics using cold atoms. Some of the experimental techniques developed at Texas are being used today in optical lattice clocks. He holds three degrees in physics: a bachelor’s degree in from the University of California, Berkeley, and a master’s and doctorate degree from the University of New Mexico. Out of high school Dr. Wilkinson enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and obtained the rank of Sergeant