Gil Biran

General Manager

Gil Biran has more than Thirty years of experience in the High Tech Telecommunications and Data Communications industry, primarily in executive management positions such as CEO, President, and Vice President. Mr. Biran is General Manager of Oscilloquartz, an ADVA Optical Networking company and Senior Vice President in ADVA Optical Networking SE since April 2014. Previously Mr. Biran was General Manager of ADVA Optical Networking Israel and Senior Vice President Corporate Development and Strategy of ADVA Optical Networking SE Prior to ADVA, Mr. Biran was the CEO of Biran High Tech Advisory Ltd based in R'aanana Israel, which was acquired by ADVA Optical Networking at the end of 2012. Mr. Biran is the founder of Axerra Networks, Inc., “The Pseudo-Wire Company”. For 9 years since 1999, Gil Biran has held major leadership roles within Axerra, including 7+ years as CEO and then as President. Prior to Axerra, Mr. Biran served as VP R&D and acting CTO at RAD Data Communications. Gil Biran is married and is the father of four sons.