Dhananjay (DJ) Anand

Lead Research Scientist, Smart Grid Group

Dhananjay (DJ) Anand is a research scientist in the Smart Grid Group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Electrical Engineering department at Johns Hopkins University. He primarily works in controls and dynamics applied to distributed energy resources including solid-state power converters, inverters and systems that stabilize the electrical power system. His focus is on control problems that can be traced back to metrology questions such as how to accurately measure power and frequency generated by switching power converters. Modern power systems also offer interesting dynamics problems at the intersection of power electronics, network theory and information technology. Prior to working in power systems, DJ worked on clock synchronization, time transfer, network based industrial automation and vehicle dynamics. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 2013. He has held research and engineering positions at the Palo Alto Research Center, Ford Research and Innovation Center, U.S. Consortium for Automotive Research, Raman Research Institute, and an adjunct teaching position at the University of Maryland.

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